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Their main purpose is the transportation of various materials and products.

They consist of a series of connected elements driven by rollers. They have found applications in almost all branches of industry.

Rubber Belt

The most economical and efficient system used for the transportation of Aggregates is conveyor belts, which can minimize the human factor and provide a fast and safe to transport all kinds of wet and dry material. The main component of the conveyors is the rubber belt.

Properties of Rubber Belt:

The conveyor belts that are carrying the conveyor must be resistant to the tensile force required for movement, to mechanical and corrosive abrasion effects of the material, to the noise, temperature, and coolness.

It is manufactured as open or closed in desired thickness, width, and length.

Dries Easy
High Resistance
Specific Densities
Optimal Stretching
Resistant to External Factors
Long Lasting
Teknik Detaylar
Fabric Type
EP 125-200
Fabric Weight (g/m2)
Fabric Thickness (mm)
Warp Tensile Strength (kg/cm)
Weft Tensile Strength (kg/cm)